Dear ESCI students,

Each semester we welcome international visiting students who need advice and help to settle in. If you want to volunteer as buddy please contact the International Relations Office at ESCI.

Once you accept to become a buddy for a visiting student you will be given the name and contact details of your tandem.

We would like you to contact the student as soon as possible, to introduce yourself and meet him/ her when he/she arrives.

It would be nice to show your tandem round the school area, maybe the city or invite him/her for a dinner, a party etc.

We would advise you to speak with your buddy as often as possible, especially at the beginning of the semester. You will be the person the student will contact for help. Bear in mind that it is not easy to settle in a new country, a new culture, to be far from family and friends. It would help him/ her to hear about your experiences.

You went to a foreign country as visiting students or will soon experience the life as incoming student in a partner university abroad. You know that having friends who understand your difficulties and who are always ready to help you is essential for enjoying the study life abroad. – There are so many reasons to join the crew and become a reliable buddy.

Please contact your International Relations Office to sign up!

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