To study abroad you must:

  • be registered as a student at ESCI
  • have successfully completed your first years of undergraduate study
  • have a sufficient academic level to satisfy the host institution
  • have a sufficient linguistic level in the language of instruction of your host institution
  • be a good ambassador for ESCI
  • be nominated by ESCI to take part in the Erasmus, exchange or study abroad scheme

You have worldwide opportunities. Please refer to the ‘ESCI Partners’ list.

Selection of Outgoing Applicants

These are the documents which you are required to submit at ESCI International Relations Office (IRO) before deadline:

  • The pertinent form (‘Annexe’) containing the names of three higher education partner institutions and your course choice – signed by the Director of Studies and the Language Department
  • All your academic transcripts and diploma beginning with your A-level diploma
  • A résumé in the language of instruction of the chosen institutions
  • A photocopy of your valid ID-card or passport (for overseas destinations and non European students)
  • 3 passport-size photographs (with name on the back)
  • The statement that you will respect the rules set by the ESCI IRO.The decision of whose application will go to which partner institution will be made by a selection committee at ESCI. The students will be notified of the results as soon as possible. But this selection process is an internal procedure and doesn’t guarantee that your application will be accepted by the host institution. The partner institution makes the final decision.

Date limite de candidature

Date de concours


Most of the partner institutions require that you be nominated by the International Relation Office of your home institution. The students selected have to apply through ESCI and will not be able to apply directly to a host institution unless invited to do so.ESCI IRO will inform you about the application procedure of the host institution. If a paper-based application is needed, the forms will be available at your IRO. But most universities will ask you to apply online before submitting the printed application.
Please fill in the document carefully and ensure that all forms are completed and signed before forwarding them to the IRO of your home institution. The staff will sign all approved application forms and send them to the host institution. Copies of the files will be retained by the office.
Keep the IRO informed about the progress of your application. If you apply after the deadline your file will not be processed.
Please inform the IRO when you have been contacted by the partner institution and accepted as an exchange or study abroad student.