Employers in France will appreciate your degree issued by a French graduate business school. But if you want to work in other countries or continents you also want to be sure that your degree will be fully recognized by the relevant authorities. As the Diploma Supplement promotes transparency in higher education and informs about qualifications, you may use the document as supporting documentation for employment or further education.

ESCI students receive their Diploma Supplement at the same time as they get their Degree Certificate. The document is issued in French and provided free of charge.
The Diploma Supplement is produced by ESCI in a standard format which is shared across the EU. It follows the model developed by the European Commission and contains 8 sections.

1. Information Identifying the Holder of the Qualification
2. Information Identifying the Qualification
3. Information on the Level of the Qualification
4. Information on the Contents and Results Gained
5. Information on the Function of the Qualification
6. Additional Information
7. Certification of the Supplement
8. Information of the National Higher Education System

The regulation requires that the Diploma Supplement should accompany your degree certificate. As this is currently not feasible the document will be issued within 3 months after your graduation and sent to your home address (as recorded on the student records system).
Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your full name, date of birth and permanent home address are recorded correctly.

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